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Themes in 3C

3C curriculum incorporates 6 Trans-disciplinary Themes that enable the children to construct their learning through meaningful everyday life experiences and perceptions that they can relate to. Thus learning is more contextual, analytical, interesting and memorable.

1.Our Identity:

Learning about the nature of ourselves- our responsibilities, rights and duties, cultural values, and so on. Becoming aware of our relationship with friends, family, communities and also what it means to be human.

2.Our Responsibilities:

Knowing about the relationship within and between people, other living things and communities. The approach to equal opportunities and conflict resolution. Why human beings should share the natural resources with other living things.

3.Our Expression:

How to express our ideas, values, beliefs and culture in multiple forms through different languages and art forms such as dramatics, martial art, dance, paintings, etc.

4.Place and Time:

Learning about oneself in relation to surrounding, place and time. About homes, journeys, discoveries and about inter connection of individuals and different civilizations.

5.World Laws:

Gaining knowledge about the natural world and its laws. The interconnection between the physical, biological and human society, the impact of science and technology on the society and the environment.

6.Our Systems:

Gaining knowledge on the interconnection between human made systems and communities. Understanding the structure and function of various organizations and their impact on society and environment.

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